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Jeggings are the best way to flatter a figure and also easy to team with a variety of tops. The ease in maintenance and the blending of the same with any kind of outfit as a shirt or a kaftan top is the highlight of this fashion piece.  Denim styles are very much in and there are some lycra mixed ones with a slim fit style that also has select designs. Be it a casual wear or a party requirement, the best in jeggings are always a refreshing style. We have the best jeggings wholesale in India. The tight fit with dependable zippers is a trend that is here to stay all along the party season. The colored jeggings in orange, pink as well as green seem a refreshing trend  to counter the blues and browns.

jeggings wholesaleWorn with a tunic or with a sleeveless top, they are perfect for long travel and are teamed best with stilettos or wedges. Throw a casual muffler or scarf with it and the jeggings take a different meaning in fashionable clothing. Bold styles with fashionable prints, embroidery as well as colors are also seen in jeggings. We offer wholesale leggings in Mumbai at affordable rates. Jeggings are realistic when it comes to having fashion in your wardrobe and select ranges are seen with designer collection. A hint of lycra and the best in stretchable material is used in all our jeggings to add the perfect feel and comfort.


jeggings indiaA trendy style with jeggings is a pleasurable fashion statement. It is great to find the jeggings in a variety of colors apart from the denim wear. Our jeggings are fluid and we are well known fashion leggings suppliers in Mumbai. A range of blues and greys works well for all kinds of occasions. Teamed with a regular T shirt or the chiffon or georgette tops, the best in jeggings are smart and very comfortable. We are unique wholesale leggings manufacturers.

Colored Leggings and Printed Leggings

Go from plain to funky with coloured and printed leggings

Colored Leggings and Printed LeggingsYour favorite star is flaunting it and so is your neighbour’s college going youngster. Your colleague sports it over the weekend and so does your best friend!!! They are hip, funky and uber chic. Stripes, checks, floral, abstract, solid bold colours and contemporary-they are ruling the fashion scene with a vengeance.

They are printed and coloured designer leggings! These printed delights can instantly add energy and zest to your style, as you head out confidently. Wear them with an understated top, skirt, dress, kurtis or shoes. We are wholesale manufacturers of designer leggings in Mumbai and we offer designs, patterns and all kinds of solid coloured designer leggings.

This new wave of fashion gives you a chance to break the boring stereotypical dressing with infinite palette of prints and designs that can be incorporated into your casual chic and semi-formal outfits. You have the freedom to decide on the impression you want to create and go for bold and bright or more low key and neutral-colored variety. Well-chosen leggings have the vibrancy to land you on the best dressed list. Reams and riots of cool prints add an instant burst of colour to your wardrobe. Choose one of the printed leggings ideas to look your best during the festive season. You can also have your pick from digital, animal as well as more cutting edge printed styles that look trendy and hip when worn in casual as well as special events.

One of the greatest benefits of this clothing design is that it suits all silhouettes-so you can flaunt your style as you are.

We offer designer leggings to suit all needs and are one of the leading wholesale manufacturers in Mumbai so get in touch with your queries for this latest trend about town-designer printed and coloured leggings.

Designer leggings for women India

Indian women and their affair with designer leggings

legging wholesalerIndian women have never had it so good in terms of leggings-being one of the leading wholesalers and manufacturers of leggings from Mumbai, we know. Western and Indian wear, is now available in varied combinations offering the ultimate choice to her. By mixing and matching colors and choosing the right shoes, leggings can be worn in any season. Stars are sporting it and so are runway models, designer leggings have never had it so good. Leading designers agree that it’s the most versatile pair of clothing to invest in and the good news is that it’s affordable and comes in fabrics of cotton, linen and a bit of Lycra to give a perfect fit.

If you want to give an instant facelift to your outfit, team your leggings with any kind of top befitting the occasion-sequined, sober, vibrant or plain elegant-all these looks can be yours. Designer leggings can be your ticket to a complete fashionista inspired style.

Indian women have become fond of designer leggings and paired with kurtis, tunics or tops, the fitted lowers look very stylish, while providing comfort. It’s fashionable appeal and ease makes designer leggings one of the most preferred choices of women in India today. They are even more prevalent than the denim jeans due to their stretchable feature.

This single item of clothing has won the hearts of women across ages, from an office executive, homemaker to the girl next door. Ones, with modern tastes prefer Lycra tights as they look great with stylish tops and designer tunics. Those who are fond of kurtis are more at ease with the chudidaar-type as they give them the look and feel of ethnic wear. Whatever your preferred legging maybe, our range will delight you.

We are Mumbai based wholesale manufacturers of designer leggings in India.

how to wear leggings – Blending leggings and short tops

Blending leggings and short tops.

Leggings have become synonymous with ladies fashion item globally, be it paired with Indian or Western wear. It’s important to know ways on how to wear leggings in the right manner, especially with short tops.

designer kurtis wholsale indiaHaving various options to choose from, in terms of wearing it with long or short tops, the key points to remember in terms of pairing leggings and short tops is as follows:

  • The leggings need to fit well in order to flaunt the short top
  • Must suit you well, in terms of the cut and the style
  • Do not make leggings a substitute for pants
  • The top needs to be in a fabric that is free flowing
  • Wear it with the right footwear to bring out the complete look

leggings indiaComfort is paramount when it comes to wearing leggings and one of the best ways to enhance the look is to wear with kurtis, which are available in various prints, colours, fabrics and designs. As wholesale manufacturers of leggings in Mumbai, we do see this fashion item in vogue due to the different options it offers women. One can wear them to work with kurtis or tops and even at a casual get together, they can be worn with a formal kurtis – whatever is the occasion, leggings are here to stay. Having a variety of leggings to choose from will help you mix and match more fantastic outfits.

Kurtis are the most versatile items that can be worn with leggings, suitable for all seasons. Short kurtis look smart, trendy and very international. We are wholesale manufacturers of leggings, offering variety in terms of material, prints and colours to bring a smile to your face.

If you want to feel cool and hip, do try wearing leggings with the perfect short kurti winning compliments galore. Do reach out to us for wholesale enquiries.