Designer dress material manufacturers

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Manufacturers of designer dress materials put considerable thought into designing each piece. Every aspect of the material like the fabric, design, possible patterns that it could be stitched into are considered. For example, a designer dress material for an anarkali suit will consist of a 3 set combination of the kurta, salwar and the dupatta.

designer dress materials wholesaleThe top is measured and designed so as to form a perfect anarkali top for a lady having an average built and height. In case of designer materials, the salwar too has to be trendy enough to go with the kurta. Innovation also goes in for the dupatta. The customers are very selective and the entire set can be rejected if the pieces are not well-matched with each other. The craftsmanship and expertise in high quality designer dress materials are exquisite.

designer dress materials wholesalerUsually three to four types of fabrics are preferred in case of designer dress materials. Silk has a longer life and attractive luster and looks stunning in case of designer clothes. It is also light weight and the dress does not become heavy after being designed. Satin is also a popular choice for designers and is especially preferred for typical matte or glossy shades that it is available in. Cashmere is a preferred option due to the long lasting comfort and the soft texture. Other than this, classic varieties of cotton, georgette, chiffon, crape are used.

Designer dress materials usually cost more. The users in this case are also aware of the existing trends, fashions and are very choosy about each and every aspect of the material. We deal in wholesale cotton dress material in Mumbai. In case of renowned brands, the designs are initially tested and verified by various experts at different stages before the final output comes into the market. In some cases of designer collections, the materials are a part of limited editions or even single pieces that are unique.