Designer Kurtis

designer ladies kurtisWe are exporters and wholesale traders of designer kurtis in Mumbai. You can place an order for the latest designer kurtis for girls with us.

Designer kurtis are those that have been designed by a fashion brand. These might be designed by the topmost and famous brands or the smaller ones. Designer kurtis have unique designs that are not seen commonly and are very selective. These kurtis might be those that you can wear as casuals or formals or those that are stylish and you can flaunt them in functions. The casual ones are simple yet elegant and well tailored. Designer fashion kurtis are designed either lightly or may be embroidered heavily.

The special aspect of the designer pieces is the choice of fabric and art.  Fabrics like cotton, silk, satin or whichever type it may be, it is always of high quality. The cuts, designs and artwork are also more towards the creative side to make the kurti stand apart. Designer kurtis are available in a wide price range. The higher range can run towards extreme based on the price of the fabric and type of artwork. For example those that have gold and silver threadwork and Swarovski crystals have more prices.

We are suppliers of ladies designer kurtis in India.



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